What is Elaichi chai, benefits & condiments? (Infographic)

A beverage that suits every season is “CHAI”. Even in the hot chilling summer, a cup of milky Elaichi tea boosts your senses even when you do not feel like having any other beverage. A sip of peace easily found in every home; this tea is famous for its flavour and aroma. An excellent new friend in your battle for a healthy life. This Elaichi chai reigns from the elegant Himalayan hills. As per the reports, this tea is admired all over Asia and the middle east.

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It combines the beauty of cardamom with the exoticness of CTC black tea. Made with the crushed seeds of various Elettaria and Amomum plants, it is a perfect blend of 100% natural blend with Elaichi seeds and peel. The most exciting fact about this Har Ghar ki Chai is that the Elaichi is picked up from the biggest cardamom market in the world. Hand-sorted exotic spices straight from Kerala- known as the spice state of India.

Apart from that, if we talk about the Elaichi tea benefits, then an array of benefits works like magic. The antioxidants present in the tea may help to lower your blood pressure. As per the reports, the antioxidants present in cardamom are believed to have properties that can help reduce blood pressure. Also, it contains powerful adaptogens that may reduce stress. As per reports, if you want to boost your energy, then have a cup of this Elaichi chai. It has a sweet flavour for the spice, and it’s pretty refreshing. This tea may promote good sleep and remove bad breath. Cardamom seeds have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties and are often chewed to eliminate bad breath.

It also may help in digestion. Almost all of us love cardamom tea, and to much research, cardamom teas have many health-promoting effects. It may help in regulating chronic disease. There are many benefits of Elaichi tea, and experts believe this chai has some properties that can regulate chronic disease.

To enjoy every sip of this Har Ghar ki Elaichi Chai then, you can have it with an addition of some condiments. It can be best enjoyed when paired with cookies. To add some tadka, have samosa and pakoda. Cake and teas are almost like peas in a pod. On a diet! Go on a calorie-free route with rusks, and to add a Gujrati touch, enjoy your tea with fafda and bhujia.

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