Crystal Drip Coffee Maker

Filter Coffee Pot with Diamond Cup Set
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Bring luxury to your home in a crystal mend coffee infuser with high-quality borosilicate glass and a metal filter. Make seamless Coffee within minutes through the Crystal Drip Coffee Maker by JustBrew. It is microwave safe, but we do not recommend that you put it into the microwave due to the metal filter.

Coffee Maker Size : 500 ml
Cups : 100 ml

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Style: Set of 2
Style: Set of 2

Know Your Coffee Maker and Cups

Experience the ultimate Coffee lover's dream with our exquisite transparent cup set, featuring the elegant crystal drip coffee maker and four diamond-cut glass cups. Crafted from premium, heat-resistant borosilicate glass, this borosilicate glass drip coffee maker is perfect for serving your favorite filter coffee. Its transparent design allows you to marvel at the beautiful hues of your coffee. Buy to elevate your coffee experience and make every morning a delightful ritual with this stunning set, available for you to own and enjoy today.

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