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Exotic Black CTC | Milk Tea

A magical mix of CTC Black Tea from the Himalayan foothills, Assam, and Darjeeling tea estates would leave you mesmerized to its exotic aroma for a perfect cup of authentic Indian milk tea.

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CTC Black Tea | Kadak Chai

Hand-sorted by tea masters to permeate the tastes of authentic Indian beverage with a unique taste, powerful aroma, and intense flavors when blended with milk.

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Milk Tea | CTC Chai Patti

A magical savoury blend of Assam CTC Black Tea, Darjeeling black tea leaves, and Bengal's aromatic black leaves will surely leave you mesmerized for that perfect cup of authentic Indian milk tea.

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Chai Patti

~Witness miracle on earth~

You cannot lie. There is nothing better than chai—a meltdown ingredient for every lingua that craves paradise on earth.

What is Chai Patti?

Chai Patti, or CTC range, is an aromatic beverage widely consumed or drank worldwide. Found in a place where the valley meets the mountains. An exquisite range of Chai ki Patti combines the rich fullness of fine valley-grown teas from various parts of the hills with the irresistible aroma of long leaves from the highlands. The blends in the CTC Chai Patti range are soothing and will calm your lingua whenever you take a sip.

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What is CTC?

CTC stands for crush, tear, and curl, in which tea leaves are rolled cylindrically. Tea made via this method is known as CTC tea. It restores the flavour of black tea.

Types of DOKO Chai Patti’s?

There are so many Chai Patti brands in India, out of which DOKO presents three different blends of the best Chai Patti-

  • Exotic Black CTC- An exquisite tea that will transform your everyday tea-drinking experience.
  • Kadak Chai- A kadak blend from the DOKO
  • Premium CTC Black Tea- A sip to give you a lively sensation that transforms your tea experience.

Benefits of Exotic Black CTC

  • It alleviates stress and tension
  • CTC tea has the best blend of antioxidants that are perfect for curing so many health-related issues
  • CTC black tea also helps reduce body fat, resulting in weight loss.
  • Consuming CTC Black tea twice is believed to keep your heart healthy.
  • It also helps in aiding digestion-related problems.

Benefits of Kadak Chai

  • Kadak chai helps in improving digestion and keeps your immune system healthy
  • It has some anti-inflammatory and antioxidant property that helps in reducing so many health-related issues.
  • Kadak chai may improve the symptoms of the common cold and flu.

Benefits of Premium CTC Black Tea

  • The antioxidants act as a natural immunity booster
  • If consumed without milk and sugar, it aids in improving digestive tracks
  • It has some induced level of caffeine that helps the body gain ample energy.

How is DOKO Chai Patti different from other chai?

DOKO presents the best CTC tea in India, specially crafted to indulge in the exotic tea experience for every Indian tea lover. A tea admired all over Asia and the Middle East that combines with the CTC black tea. Expert tea masters have created this unique and exotic blend by crushing the whole cardamom with CTC black love. This blend eventually elevates your mood and turns your mind space into heaven. DOKO is one of the best Chai Patti brands in India.

Where is the primary source of DOKO Elaichi tea?

DOKO offers a great-tasting tea. DOKO brings ethically sourced and handpicked teas from the best tea gardens across Darjeeling, Assam, Nilgiris, Dooars, Arunachal Pradesh, etc. The processing work goes on under the strict supervision of the in-house quality team.

How can you buy DOKO Elaichi chai online?

DOKO brings pride to your kitchen. Buy this cup of peace online just by visiting different e-commerce websites. You can easily find our range of Chai Patti at an affordable price. Chai Patti’s price varies from product to product. DOKO gives you the best experience and the highest quality products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is tea? 

Tea is a beverage made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis. Tea is something that is loved by every household in India.

What is the CTC method of tea making? 

CTC stands for crush, tear, and curl, in which black tea leaves are processed under many cylindrical rollers. This process turns leaves into small hard pellets.

Is it healthy to drink CTC black tea regularly? 

Consumption of one cup of black tea twice a day is a perfect sip to keep your heart healthy. Take a cup of black tea to ease the digestive system after a heavy meal.

How many calories does a cup of tea have? 

It depends on how your intake is! Any tea that we take without milk and sugar consists of zero calories. Much research suggests that it is the healthiest beverage after water.

Does tea have more caffeine than coffee? 

After much research, it has been clear that tea’s caffeine content is less than half of coffee.