Privacy Policy

DOKO is a flagship trademark product of Otangata 7 Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as “OT”, “we”, “our”, or “us”). At OT, we take privacy of information very seriously. Just like how our teas are mend for your health. We as a brand value our customer’s privacy. You are important to us.

Through, this privacy statement, we explicitly talk about what, when, where, and how personal data is extracted and used through our interaction with you on this website. This statement of policy is directed to, as well as other microsites where there would be reference links of DOKO. The policies and obligations set forth in this Privacy Policy is only restricted for this website. Please read or review these statements (as mentioned on the website) thoroughly or carefully.

Electronic Communication

When we say communication, we mean every time you visit our website or send email for inquiry, you are corresponding with us electronically. By extending a path to communicate with us, you are thereby giving your consent to receive further response from us in those regards. All our communication with you will be via e-mail or through notices posted on our website. Thereby when you visit our website you agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures, and other communications we provide electronically suffice all legal requirement as such communication be in writing.

License and Website Access

While the intellectual information mentioned on the website could be used for personal references (such as printing copies or storing the files on your desktop for personal use) but it is strictly prohibited to use this information for distribution. You are requested not to utilize our sensitive information for any kind of distributive use (via hard copy or electronic format) which includes any text or graphics without the written consent of our legal team. OT retains copyright on all information, including text, graphics and sound and all trademarks displayed on this Website.

Prerequisites to licences and website access

  • The licenses included in the website or its content does not necessarily conclude any resale or commercial use on the whole. Any collection or use of our product listing, descriptions, or copying of information for the benefit of another merchant; or use of any data extraction tools is strictly prohibited.
  • Our website or any portion of it shall not be used for duplicity, reproduction, copy, or commercial exploitation in any sort without the prior written consent of OT or its higher management.
  • You are requested not replicate or use our trademarks, logo, or other proprietary intellectual information (pertaining to images, text, webpage layout, or Inquiry forms) in any malicious ways without the prior written consent of OT or its higher management.
  • You may not use any metatags or descriptions using the name of OT or DOKO (at large) or our trademark any ways that can cause a harm to our repute. Any such unauthorised use found would be terminate the permission or license granted by us.

Trademarks: & all design, products, and other trademarks indicated on the website are registered trademarks.

Product Classification & Description

OT retains copyright on all information, including text, graphics and sound and all trademarks displayed on this Website. That being said we All information published on the website is on “AS IS WHERE IS” basis i.e., on its current condition. OT does not warranty or make any representation of that sort with regards to the accuracy of information available on the website. We will not be bound responsible for any errors in the information available on the Website.

Thus, we focus on being as accurate as possible to give you the best user experience of a seamless shopping.

Site Policies, Modification, and Severability

Our website uses cookies to help serve you better for a seamless user experience. The usage of a cookie permits us to remember your preferences for a certain period of time. While we collect data through the use of cookies but there are certain data or information that you provide directly to us like when you subscribe to receive updates via newsletters or submit an entry for inquiry through our contact us form, and/or query for media association or such other manner as on the website specified.

However, if you wish to not to disclose your personal information, you can do so without having to tell us. When prompted for providing your personal data, you may decline at your discretion. If you have already/accidentally subscribed to our newsletters or any other electronic media communications (such as blogs, articles, and PRs), you may unsubscribe these at any moment.

Using performance driven technologies for enhanced user experience we collect information (automatically). These information entails your number of visits to the Website, IP address, and the way you interact with our content. This information helps us to make further adjustments and improvements to the website and its navigation.

Our web analytics or server use these collected data (such as IP address, operating system details, browsing details, device details and language settings) to measure performance of the website in response to record the average number of visits, the time spent on the website, navigation of our webpages, and similar information.

As said before, our website probes to place cookies on your computer. You’ll be seeing a pop-up message bar requesting consent to place cookies. However, if you don’t wish to disclose your identity you may simply deny access to them, but in doing so you may find some features of the website non-functional as it was supposed to.

Intellectual Property Rights

All information available on the website, whether text, images, documents, graphics, logos, button icons, visual & audio clips, digital downloads, data compilations and software are (legally) protected copyright sole proprietorship of OT, and is subject to change as and when required. The website and all its content are protected by Indian Copyright law. An unauthorized use (resulting in fraud/duplicity/copy) shall be deemed under IPR infringement.