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Golden Zest (Small)

Green Tea Combo (Set of 2), Honey Lemon and Tulsi Ginger | Pyramid Tea Bags (24 units)
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Indulge in our Citrus Zen Tea Duo, a perfect harmony of flavours. Experience the refreshing zing of Lemon Honey and the soothing embrace of Tulsi Ginger in one exquisite combo. Sip and invigorate your senses with the zest of citrus and the warmth of ginger, all while benefiting from the natural goodness of these ingredients. Elevate your daily ritual and savour the balance of wellness and taste. Do not miss out on this unique tea blend that promises to delight your palate and nourish your well-being. Embrace the delicious and the wholesome in every cup!

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Indulge in a delightful and healthful tea experience with our Honey Lemon and Tulsi Ginger Combo. This unique combination brings together two exquisite tea blends, each carefully crafted to cater to your taste buds and well-being. Discover the art of tea brewing with our Pyramid Green Tea Bags, meticulously designed to provide an exquisite and authentic tea experience like no other. Crafted with precision and care, these innovative pyramid-shaped tea bags redefine your daily tea ritual with enhanced flavour and convenience. We at DOKO, are passionate about healthy food habits and thus committed to providing fresh and natural food products to our customers. All our methods are completely compatible with best international practices while managing to meet strict FSSAI-regulated safety standards.

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